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At easi-cash, we do our best to ensure that applying for a personal loan is painless and straightforward.

We have recently introduced a new, online only application process, where new easi-cash customers can complete an application form, carry out their ID, income and expense checks, electronically sign their agreement, and receive their funds, all online from the comfort of their own home.

That’s right – no travel, no phone calls, no printing or faxing documents.

If you’d prefer to talk to somebody about your easi-cash application, or if you don’t have all of the required things for an online only application, you still fill out the application form online, but you will need to visit your local dtr store with the relevant paperwork and documents in order to complete the checks and sign your agreement.

See below for an outline of the online and in-store processes, as well as a checklist of what you will need.

Learn about how each of our loan processes work, check out the online or in-store process and our checklist of what is required below. If you meet the requirements for our online only application process (see the checklist below), why not give it a try?

online loan application

complete personal details

Fill out your personal details including your name, date of birth, address, place of work, and an additional contact person.

verify your mobile number

Enter your mobile number and we will send you a TXT code. Put that code into the form to confirm your contact number.

verify your ID

Enter your drivers licence or passport information and we will do a check to confirm your identity.

verify your income and expenses

Use your internet banking login, and we will use CreditSense to check your income and expenses to make sure you can afford your loan.

select length of loan

Select how many months you would like to repay your loan over, which will adjust your monthly repayment amount.

confirm repayment amount and frequency

Confirm the regular repayment amount, and how often you would like to make repayments.

electronically sign agreement

We will send your easicash agreement to your email inbox, and you will have 24 hours to look it over and electronically sign the agreement (it's as easy as clicking a few buttons).

online loan fees

receive funds

After we've received your signed agreement, one of our team will give it a final check and make sure everything is good to go (this will happen during business hours), and if they're happy, you'll receive your easi-cash loan into your bank account!

online requirements

To complete the checks and sign your contract online:

  • Your easi-cash application must be below $5,000 and unsecured
  • You must not be an existing dtr customer
  • You must be over 18
  • You must be employed
  • You must have a valid and current New Zealand driver’s licence or passport
  • You must have a mobile phone to receive TXT messages
  • You must have a valid NZ bank account with online banking access
  • You must have access to your email account (to sign the agreement)
online loan website

complete personal details

Fill out your personal details, including your name, address, date of birth, place of work, and an additional contact person

complete your income and expense details

Fill in your weekly income and your regular expenses using the application form.

submit application for conditional approval

Submit your application to receive an initial decision. If you’re conditionally approved, you should receive an email and a TXT message.

dtr easi-cash loans

visit nearest dtr store

Come and visit your local dtr store, bringing with you all the necessary paperwork to complete your checks.

complete identification checks

Your local store will check your identity using one of the approved types of identification.

complete bank statement checks

Bring in a payslip, any WINZ paperwork, and a month of bank statements in order to complete your income and expense checks.

complete security checks (if applicable)

If your loan is secured, your local store will run through the additional checks with you to ensure your security is registered and eligible.

confirm repayment amount and frequency

With your local store, you will confirm the best repayment amount and frequency that suits you and your circumstances.

go through agreement in store

A local team member will run your through the agreement and make sure you understand it and are aware of your rights before you sign it.

online loan fees

receive funds

You will receive your easi-cash funds into your bank account shortly after the agreement is signed.

things you need

If you want to complete the checks and sign your agreement in-store, you will need to bring with you the required documents, ID and a few other things. We’ve listed here everything you need so you can complete your loan application in-store.

photographic ID

You will need at least one photographic ID either:

  • Drivers Licence
  • Passport
  • 18+ Card
  • Statutory Declaration

a secondary ID

You will need another form of ID either:

  • Credit Card
  • Community Services Card
  • Birth Certificate

supporting documents

Bring at least one of the following documents:

  • Payslip
  • WINZ Statement
  • Bank Statement (with a minimum of one month of transactions for all your bank accounts).
  • Proof of Residence

proof of residence

At least one of the following documents with your name and current address on it:

  • Power Bill
  • Phone Bill
  • WINZ Letter
  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Boarding Letter


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